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Downloadbotautohuntperfectworld 2022




Tuner / One of the best FIGHTER's out there and he's a 2 time world champion. In the history of the fighting game he has most of the skills needed to win fights. He can use most of his skills while using a combo. He also has the best grabs in the game. But sadly he never wins fights because of bad teammates, bad matchups, bad gameplay and bad coaching. He rarely chooses to fight with a 2 on 1, just like he never uses the skill Tree he loves so much. That's why he's always on the losing end of things. At least Tifa hasn't sucked this much since the PS1 era. His skills include: Auto Buff(Up To Four); Skills(Up To Eight); Walk To Corpse; Rotate Wepons(Up To Four); Life Support; Hunt By Radius; Damage During Attack. Auto Buff(Up




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Downloadbotautohuntperfectworld 2022

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